Reduced pricing!

Hey there, it’s Haroon, the CEO and Founder of Xenos Video, I’ve now permanently reduced pricing on both options, so that the videos are more affordable to everyone, I hope you enjoy our service and continue to use it. Also remember it is important to keep your website updated and having a video significantly increases your SEO rank and increases you user experience.

We are now mobile friendly, and you should be too!

We have just finished upgrading our site to make it responsive and friendly on all formats (desktop, tablets and mobile).
We feedback from users saying they were experiencing problems viewing the site on other devices than desktop, so decided to improve the site.

And the timing was perfect too, recently Google changed it’s policy in ranking regarding sites that were mobile friendly compared to those that weren’t. Mobile friendly websites now rank better in Google than before, so if you don’t have a fully responsive site, you need to act fast before your competitors beat you in rankings!

We are upgrading our site!

Hi there, you may be experiencing difficulty in viewing the website, this is because we are currently upgrading the site, we will soon be able to be viewed on all devices, not just on desktop.
There will be a new blog post soon about why this happened and why you should make changes too!

How an explainer video increases your SEO rank

In Google’s ranking system there are different criteria for higher ranking, these are video, text, PDF, blogs, and images.
However most people are NOT taking video into account and this is causing them to be indirectly ranked lower than competitors.
Google has four different metrics on ranking, SERP, CTR, bounce rates and back links. for SERP rankings, a videos have been proven to increase rank by a huge amount.
CTR is short for “click through rate” having a video embedded to your website ensurers somebody will click, giving you a higher CTR count.
Bounce rates means how many viewers click through to other pages of your site, rather than closing the site before checking out other pages. With a video viewers stay on your site for longer and are more likely to interact with your website as videos create interest in your business or service. Lower bounce rate percentages increase your SEO rank further.
Lastly backlinks, the more your video is shared, the more quality backlinks are leading to your site, and since these backlinks are created by other people and not bots, they give you a higher quality backlink which only improves your SEO rank.

Of course for a video to increase your SEO rank, it must be high quality and professional, if you are interested in creating one please contact us, or sign up to our email list for a 10% discount!