We are Xenos Video, a London based animation company that creates professional and visually stunning explainer videos. Though explainer videos are short in duration, usually ranging from one to two minutes, they can work wonders for your business. From visitor engagement and boosting conversion rates to educating your audience and driving targeted traffic to your website, explainer videos offer a host of benefits.

We started Xenos because we noticed the fact that most businesses do not use videos, even though a video on the homepage of a website is a major factor in search engine rankings, simply having a video makes the website more likely to be viewed, and a video that effectively describes the business is more likely to leave a lasting impact on a viewer.

Businesses globally are now moving to the online platform and this means the market is always expanding and growing, with thousands of new websites being created everyday, but nothing that sets out a website from thousands of others is an explainer video.

At Xenos Video, we believe in personalisation and always frown upon the ‘One size fits all approach’, which is why our CEO will personally travel to any city in the UK to meet you face to face to discuss and understand your requirements. Explainer videos provide information about businesses, products, or services in a simplified manner and this is exactly what we do best: creating top quality explainer videos that not only explain thing s faster but also convey the intended message with crystal clear clarity.

We value loyalty, and returning customers receive discounts and actively give discounts for customers who want to make multiple videos or are returning to work together again.

User Engagement

Explainer videos are a great way to share your products, services, and ideas with visitors. With the average attention span of today’s users being no more than 90 seconds, these videos help your business garner plenty of attention.

Better Search Engine Ranking

It is pretty difficult for websites that contain text and images alone to rank high on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). An explainer video makes a website interesting, which enhances the online visibility of a product or service and improves the ranking. This translates into more traffic to the website.

Boost Conversion Rates

People are more likely to buy a product or sign up for a service if they saw an explainer video. Images and videos and other social signals are known to increase the number of visitors who become returning visitors, and then actual customers.

Increases Web Traffic

An explainer video that goes viral can do wonders for your business. By getting the maximum number of views within a short time span, these videos boost brand popularity, increasing the number of visitors to the website by leaps and bounds.

Information Retention

Using this mode of information delivery that is simple, engaging, and powerful, businesses can attract more customers. The target audience will remember more about the product or service when interesting visual metaphors are used.

Easily Shareable

An explainer video does not have to be restricted your website. It can also be uploaded to free video hosting platforms such as YouTube. Easy sharing is possible as these sites are compatible with all smart phones. Rather than reading text blocks on a websites, people are more likely to watch and share these online videos.